2014 Results Posted

2014 Cookoff Winners
Category Winners
Grand Champion
  1. CharQueTerie
  2. Aporkalypse Now
  3. Ubons BBQ of Yazoo
  4. Fox Bros BBQ
  5. Hog Dat Nation
  6. Frey Smoked Meats
  7. Seymour Butts
  8. Silence of Da Hams
  9. Fleur De Que
  10. Mazant National Golf Club
Whole Hog
  1. Aporkalypse Now
  2. CharQueTerie
  3. Parlor Market
  4. Seersucker Collection
  5. Frey Smoked Meat Company
  6. Ubons
  7. Hog Dat Nation
  8. Captain Porkenheimer
  9. LA 23 BBQ
  10. Home Team BBQ
  11. Team March of the Pigs
  12. Mansura Candidate
  13. Q Smokey and Cafe
  14. The Pig Lebowski
  15. The Missing Links
  1. Frey Smoked Meat Company
  2. Hillbilly Hoggers
  3. Mansura Candidate
  4. CharQueTerie
  5. Fatback's
  6. Aporkalypse Now
  7. Team March of the Pigs
  8. Bacon Rouge
  9. Harlem Pork Trotters
  10. Fox Bros BBQ
  11. Wild Hogs
  12. Pork Side of the Moon
  13. Seymour Butts
  14. Ubons
  15. Hoggystyle
Pork Butt/Shoulder
  1. Fox Bros BBQ
  2. Silence of Da Hams
  3. CharQueTerie
  4. Mazant National Golf Club
  5. Holy Smokes
  6. Ubons
  7. Aporkalypse Now
  8. Up in Smoke
  9. The Boars Nest
  10. Feur De Que
  11. Swine Spectators
  12. Captain Porkenheimer
  13. War Pigs
  14. Chow Down at Cochon Town
  15. Chits and Piggles
  1. Swine Krewe
  2. Aporkalypse Now
  3. 555 Sauciers
  4. Ubons
  5. Smoke Ring
  6. Chow Down at Cochon Town
  7. Dinner Lab
  8. 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon
  9. Seymour Butts
  10. Stand Up and Snout
  11. Fox Bros BBQ
  12. Blue Oak
  13. Home Team BBQ
  14. Fat Buddies
  15. Bohemian Pork
  1. Holy Smokes
  2. Team March of the Pigs
  3. The Missing Links
  4. Fat Harry's Fatbacks
  5. Swineaux
  6. Home Team BBQ
  7. Wild Hogs
  8. Frey Smoked Meat Company
  9. Hillbilly Hoggers
  10. Pig Sexy
  11. Hogjammin'
  12. The Death Chefs
  13. Mr. Pigglesworth
  14. The Mile High Club
  15. Harlem Pork Trotters
Camellia Brand Bean Competition
  1. Fleur De Que
  2. Piggy Stardust
  3. Fox Brothers BBQ
  4. Bacon Rouge
  5. Stand Up and Snout
  6. Mazant National Golf Club
  7. Captain Porkenheimer
  8. Blue Oak
  9. Crazy Jeff's BBQ Bungalow
  10. Hogjammin'
  11. Aporkalypse Now
  12. Pork Chop and the Meat Grinders
  13. Swine Krewe
  14. CharQueTerie
  15. Sweet Swine O Mine
Fundraising Champ
  1. Fleur de Que ($63,580)
  2. Fat Buddies ($32,373)
  3. Wild Hogs ($30,773)
  4. Piggy Stardust ($24,453)
  5. The Death Chefs ($20,642)
  6. CharQueTerie ($20,315)
  7. Deuce Pigalow Pork Gigolo ($16,300)
  8. The Boar's Nest ($14,718)
  9. Captain Porkenheimer ($11,600)
  10. Aporkalypse Now ($10,987)
  11. Puerco Rico ($10,275)
  12. Fox Brothers BBQ ($10,000)
Best Booth
  1. Fleur De Que
  2. Fat Buddies
  3. Wild Hogs
  4. Messi Swine
  5. Piggy Stardust
Fan Favorite
  1. Wild Hogs
  2. The Boars Nest
  3. Piggy Stardust
Best Friday Night Party
  1. Deuce Pigalow Pork Gigolo
  2. Fat Buddies
  3. 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

About Hogs

The purpose of Hogs For The Cause is to provide aid and relief of those variable expenses and economic burdens which families face while their child is being treated for pediatric brain cancer. Hogs For The Cause will operate as the premier funding source for pediatric brain cancer outreach services in the United States.

While money devoted to pediatric cancer research is dwindling, there is an even bigger void in the periphery and variable expenses associated with cancer treatment. We will fill this void. Hogs For The Cause will take care of the small things, so families can worry about the big thing.

And don't forget that Hogs for the Cause is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your donations are tax deductible under the full amount as allowed by the IRS.

We'd also like to announce our proud partner Children's Hospital. children's hospital logo

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Event Info

March 28-29, 2014
City "Pork" Festival Grounds Get Directions
Many teams competing in the High on the Hog pork cookoff as well as a plethora of fantastic bands performing live.

Live music, sunshine, and good times.

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